Support Staff – Christian Pfeifer

Christian Pfeifer

Legal Assistant

Christian Pfeifer is a Legal Assistant with duties that are primarily focused on providing support to our attorneys, clients, and staff. He is adept in performing a variety of administrative procedures. He eagerly attends to a variety of administrative tasks and also assists with document preparation, research, calendar coordination, and the organization and management of case files.

Christian is a proud Montana native and was born and raised in a small town near Billings. After graduating high school, he moved to Missoula in 2017 to attend the university. As an undergraduate, he studied English and Political Science while also participating in the Pre-Law program and multiple extracurriculars. After obtaining his undergraduate degree, Christian worked locally in Missoula before deciding to explore more of the law industry.

Christian values his education and is thankful for the experience he gained in school. He’s grateful for the opportunity to be applying his educational background and experience at Laird Cowley. Today, he strives to provide earnest and flexible support to the staff at Laird Cowley. In his free time, Christian likes to read, write, and hike the Missoula surroundings.