Support Staff – Darby Henthorn


Darby Henthorn

Office Manager

Darby is the office manager at the firm. Her background in management and various aspects of operational support gives her a clear understanding of office administration. She is eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Darby understands and exemplifies the value of personalized service and clear communications. She faces challenges head on and is ready to expand her knowledge of the legal field.

Darby constantly strives to build deep, meaningful connections with people and the world around her, which naturally aligns with her role as the office manager at the firm. Outside of work, she finds the greatest joy when surrounded by her friends and family. She treasures moments spent with loved ones, whether it’s going on a hike with friends, spending quality time at the lake with her family, or simply relaxing at home with her new puppy, Maggie. She understands that the most rewarding experiences in life are even sweeter when shared, and this belief carries over into her professional endeavors, where she aims to foster strong connections and a sense of camaraderie among her colleagues.

Beyond her dedication to family, Darby is also an ardent nature enthusiast. She finds comfort and inspiration in the tranquility of natural landscapes. She actively seeks opportunities to immerse herself in the wonders of the outdoors, whether it’s discovering breathtaking trails, exploring remote locations away from the bustle of the city, or enjoying peaceful afternoons golfing and playing sports. She believes that quality time spent in nature and making memories with loved ones form the foundation of a happy, fulfilling life.