Support Staff – Deb Sianchuk

Deb Sianchuk

Special Projects Manager 

Deb Sianchuk is an accomplished professional with over two decades of administrative experience. She works with skill and dedication to support our attorneys and is adept in handling special projects for the firm. Her superb organization and communication skills allow her to consistently meet deadlines and perform her work with exceptional accuracy and proficiency.

Along with her professional skills, Deb brings a warm glow and uplifting energy to our office. Her infectious smile and friendly demeanor have an instantly calming effect on everyone. She is endlessly gracious and hospitable, and works with devotion and attentiveness to make sure her clients’ needs are met. Her empathetic mindset and overflowing compassion are felt by all and can be witnessed in the way she consistently goes above and beyond to advocate for others and make sure their voice is heard. 

Deb’s excellent multi-tasking abilities and strong work ethic can be traced back to her youth and the time she spent growing up on a farm in Iowa. There, she learned the value of hard work and was taught how to live in harmony with the land. This deep connection with nature, the world around her, and its people is something that she continues to carry with her today. Prior to her employment at Laird Cowley, she spent years working at a non-profit healthcare organization.